Media, Celebrity and Fan Culture

Module code: MS3009

In recent years, celebrity culture appears to have invaded every aspect of daily life, dominating domains such as the showbiz industry, sports, marketing and politics. Some believe that this celebrification process, wherein ordinary identity formation and general forms of social interaction are patterned and influenced by celebrity culture, is present in most Western societies, and is a recent phenomenon.

But is this true? Are celebrities really more influential than in the past? And is this process of celebrification as strong in every culture? These are some of the questions that are explored on this module, which examines the historical emergence and evolution of celebrity and its impact on contemporary society and culture.

Topics covered

  • Media productions of celebrity
  • Cinema, stardom and celebrity
  • Celebrity, identity and the advertising industry
  • Celebrity worship
  • Celebrity, fandom and the internet
  • Celebrity beauty
  • Celebrity politics
  • Celebrity acid
  • Celebrity and reality
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