Journalism Studies

Module code: MS2010

In this module, we will develop some of the ideas introduced in The Production of News module, exploring contemporary and developing issues in the study of journalists and journalism and the context within which journalists work and news is produced.

Academic interest in news and journalism has grown significantly in recent years. This is partly because of the important changes that have been taking place in the traditional news industries which have accompanied the arrival and growth of digital media, both as platforms for the dissemination and consumption of news and as tools for journalists to use in news production. Journalism - and journalists - have also attracted academic interest because of questions over quality and standards. The behaviour of journalists in a rapidly changing context conditioned by increasing commercialism and competitiveness has attracted public attention and led to calls for increased regulation and reform.

Topics covered

  • Rise and fall of the printed newspaper
  • Use of social media in news production
  • Evolving news formats and news forms
  • Public knowledge, journalism and ethics
  • Journalism as a social and cultural field
  • Journalism, politics and regulation
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