Emergency Planning Management

Module code: MN7636

This module introduces various dimensions of the management of emergencies. In particular, the module examines how different management techniques may be applied to various aspects of incidents such as evacuations, fires, explosions, release of toxic materials, post-traumatic stress disorder. The module considers such issues in terms of risk assessment and economic planning for organisations. Integrated emergency planning management, early warning systems and lessons from disaster inquiries, amongst other aspects, are introduced to promote effective emergency planning and management.

Topics covered

  • Land Use Planning: Risk Assessment and Decision-Making
  • Command and Control of Major Public Gatherings
  • Managing Low-Intensity Crises
  • Urban Area Evacuation
  • Integrated Emergency Management
  • Disaster Inquiries
  • Managing Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Conducting Risk/Hazard/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Case Studies
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