Place, Branding and Tourism

Module code: MN3144

We've all been guilty of feeling pangs of jealousy when photos of exotic destinations or cool city breaks pop up on our Instagram feed. But why do people go to the places they do? What goes into the marketing of a city, region or country? This module will introduce you to some of the key concepts behind the successful (or otherwise) branding and marketing of places and tourism.

You'll learn about the basic principles and concepts of marketing when applied to cities, regions and nations, and some of the limitations encountered. You'll examine the various place stakeholders and the different marketing approaches available to local managers, with particular reference to the field of tourism and hospitality marketing. You'll identify and explain how to apply the principles of marketing to successfully meet the needs of specific target groups, such as tourists, local inhabitants and businesses. Plus, you'll critique the shifting environments in which places compete and cooperate internationally.

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