Ecology and Sustainability: Contemporary Issues

Module code: MN3131

The Earth is getting hotter, sea levels are rising, fossil fuel stocks are shrinking, and life as we know it is under threat. Businesses and organisations have a huge responsibility to reduce their environmental impact, but how can they do that without affecting the bottom line? This module will allow you to explore ecology and sustainability, one of the key issues of our time, in a business context.

By the end of this module, you'll be able to describe contemporary issues and key debates in environmental ecology and sustainability. You'll be capable of critically evaluating the relevance of debates, theoretical frameworks and practices in a variety of fields (environmental science, ecological ethics, and political ecology) for achieving sustainable organisations. You'll be able to pinpoint future global and local environmental challenges faced by organisations (e.g. climate change, conservation, renewable energies). You'll feel comfortable applying conceptual knowledge to examples and conduct a systematic analysis of selected organisational and global ecological issues.

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