Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Practice

Module code: MN2116

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an intrinsic part of business strategy. It's a broad term which may involve operational changes, innovation, customer and employee engagement and brand differentiation, amongst others.

This module will give you a solid theoretical and practical grounding in what is an ever-growing area of business.

At the end of the module, you'll be able to identify a variety of arguments given for and against Corporate Social Responsibility and describe how these translate into applied contexts. You'll be adept at explaining the political, cultural and historical developments that have placed Corporate Social Responsibility upon the contemporary management agenda. You'll be capable of analysing the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and other managerial disciplines including marketing, strategy, HRM, accountancy and finance. In addition, you'll be able to critically evaluate historical evidence and future prospects on the effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility in achieving economic, social and ecological sustainabilities.

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