Marketing Intelligence

Module code: MN2026

Understanding marketing intelligence is crucial to successful marketing decision-making.  The study of marketing intelligence encompasses both the design of market/marketing research and the analysis of data.  The marketing intelligence process involved matching changing customer preferences and trends in the marketing environment with the development of appropriate value propositions and customer experiences.  In this module you'll look at the following four topic areas:

  • What is market intelligence and how should we acquire it?
  • How do we actually gather market intelligence?
  • What types of data are there and how do we analyse them?
  • What are the practical issues involved in market research from contextual and ethical perspectives?

This module is part-delivered through a unique association with the World Society for Market Research (ESOMAR).  You will be given the opportunity to join the Young ESOMAR Society (YES) and gaining access to a wealth of online resources, a webinar on careers in market research and intelligence, and other opportunities, including internships.

Topics covered

  • The rationale for market intelligence
  • Principles of research design
  • Commissioning market intelligence
  • Gathering qualitative market intelligence and insight
  • Gathering quantitative market intelligence and insight
  • Principles of sampling
  • Data analytics I and II
  • Research ethics
  • Market intelligence and big data


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