Fundamentals of Applied Health Research

Module code: MD7431

This module aims to provide health and social researchers with the tools to find and assess applied health research and to use it in service delivery, health services management or policy development. The module also prepares students to conduct research in health or social contexts.

You will examine the fundamental principles underpinning research to improve health and social care. We will examine how research findings can be accessed, apprised and synthesised, how to progress a research idea into an answerable question and how to choose the most appropriate methodology to address it. You will also learn about how patient and public involvement can contribute to research at all its stages and how to recognise ethical and governance issues arising from research within health and social care.


  • Applied health research, from evidence to practice
  • Finding published/unpublished research
  • Critical appraisal of research findings
  • Synthesising research evidence
  • Conducting research: Formulating a research question
  • Ethics: Key principles and processes
  • Research governance
  • Research project management
  • Research policy and practice
  • Reporting and presenting research
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