MSc Research Project

Module code: MB7009

One of the most valued features of this course is the MSc Research Project, in which you will put your newly acquired practical skills and knowledge to the test. For up to six months, you will work as a member of a dedicated research team, designing and conducting your own research, culminating in the production of a dissertation. You will choose your laboratory research placement from projects covering a broad range of disciplines.

Recent research project titles offered include:

  • Damage to kidney cells by IgA containing immune complexes in IgA nephropathy
  • Understanding how bacteria adapt to environmental stress to increase infectious disease
  • Examining the role of TRPM7 in asthma
  • Immunomodulatory actions of alarmins on CD4+ T cells
  • Histological analysis of experimental murine pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Genomic exploration of differentially culturable Mycobacterial tuberculosis stains
  • Investigation of the transcriptomic response of Non-tuberculosis Mycobacteria to low-oxygen conditions
  • Development of models for testing drugs targeting dormant Burkholderia
  • Developing bacteriophages to target Urinary Tract Infections: predicting phage susceptibility from bacterial genome and MALDI

Assessment of the Research Project is in three parts: your research performance, a dissertation you write about your research and a seminar you will present at the end of the project.

Note: Project titles shown represent choices that have previously been available. The range of projects available will vary depending on research demands.

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