Data Science Research Project

Module code: MA7443

The data science research project is the cumulation of our MSc programme, where you will work in a group to solve a substantial data science problem in an area of your choice.

During the two taught seminars of the programme we’ll work with you to identify a suitable project, help you to form a group to tackle it and support you in building the teamwork and other skills required for success.

By the end of the module, you'll have mastered the ability to create and execute a clear project plan with timelines agreed upon by your supervisor. Your initial proposal will demonstrate a well-defined scope and structure for the reports to come. You'll apply advanced data science and analytical skills to transform collected information into an insightful and substantial report.

Effective teamwork is paramount, and you'll demonstrate sensitivity and respect for diversity and inclusion within your communication style. Your technical skills will reach a professional level, and you'll apply them responsibly within the context of real-world issues and with careful consideration of ethical and regulatory impacts.

Project groups will work in partnership with an external industrial partner, or an internal research partner to deliver a professional result consistent with the standards and expectations of the partner's practice area.

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