Legal Responses to Global Injustice

Module code: LW7090

In this module, we will look at some of the methods of implementing international human rights law, ranging from the framework of the United Nation and the specialised agencies to regional systems and the domestic implementation of international human rights law. This module also covers the process of treaty negotiations of international law to enable you to understand the challenges faced in building consensus about agreed human rights norms. The aim of the module is to familiarise you with the mechanisms of enforcing that part of international law that deals with human rights.

This module requires the ability to read and analyse the text of relevant conventions and other instruments and the decisions of relevant courts, tribunals and organs. You are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical perspective. You should develop your abilities at problem solving, and develop your skills in communication both orally and in writing. Research skills are honed through the research paper which forms the assessment in this module.

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