Module code: LW3550

In bioethics we tackle a whole range of knotty ethical dilemmas in healthcare head-on. By doing so we try and create a framework for making better moral decisions in society. You'll tackle these issues by studying general norms, principles, concepts and then apply them to practical dilemmas. Bioethical dilemmas cannot be effectively assessed without systematically reflecting upon moral principles and arguments.

Topics covered

  • The nature of moral status - who matters morally?
  • Justice and resource allocation
  • Autonomy and paternalism, or when can we override a persons informed and intentional decision
  • The value of life - what does it mean to say life is sacred?
  • Genetics
  • Abortion
  • Assisted suicide and euthanasia
  • Research with human participants - can you research on children with the prospect of no direct benefit to them?
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