Commercial Law in a Digital World

Module code: LW3314

There are no lectures in this module, with all tuition occurring in 20 hours of seminars and two hours of interactive workshop.

On successful completion of the module, you should be able to:

  • Systematically analyse the challenges and opportunities for commercial law flowing from the digitisation of commercial activities, dispute settlement and litigation. 
  • Deploy established techniques of enquiry in order to identify current research and primary sources on the impact on commercial law and commercial litigation of digital technologies.  
  • Analyse and critique existing legal responses and policy proposals for accommodating digital technologies in commercial law, dispute settlement and litigation.
  • Manage your own learning. 

Topics covered

  • Online contracting and digital platforms, Smart contracts
  • Digital assets (including cryptocurrencies)
  • Digitisation of commercial dispute settlement and litigation, and questions of jurisdiction/conflict of laws
  • Transactions concerning smart goods (e.g. smart appliances and autonomous vehicles) and digital goods (e.g. software, 3D printing files).
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