International Law

Module code: LW3280

Do you know obligations states have under international law towards other states and individuals, to protect human rights, prevent pollution and combat international terrorism?

Do you want to find out about how these laws are made (and ‘unmade’), about the legal status of territory, the oceans, Antarctica or the status of embassies and other diplomatic representations and their staff? In this module you'll be studying everything from the circumstances in which states are allowed to use military force, to the role the United Nations have in preventing and resolving international disputes to maintain peace and security.

This includes the consequences if states or individuals breach international law and extends to the norms prohibiting and punishing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and will lead you to investigate how they are enforced in international and national courts. When studying this module you'll understand the everyday importance of international law, and its fast increasing relevance in today’s world.

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