Law of EU-UK Relations

Module code: LW2240

The module adopts an ‘in context’ approach to the teaching of EU law.  In addition to studying the operation and application of EU law within the 27 Member States, the module also considers the legal effects of UK withdrawal from the EU and how the EU and UK legal relationship has developed since the UK formally left the EU on the 31 January 2020.

In Semester 1, this module examines the constitutional, legal and institutional structure of the EU.  The module looks at how the EU makes laws and how, and with what effect, these laws are enforced by the Court of Justice of the European Union and national courts. This will introduce students to key principles of EU law, for example, the supremacy of EU law and the effective enforcement of EU law. In Semester 1 we will also consider how the EU enters into legal relations with third countries, such as the UK, and consider how EU-UK relations have changed with the UK no longer an EU Member State.

In Semester 2, the focus is the substantive law of the EU and in particular the regulation and governance of the EU Single Market.  Focussing on the free movement of goods and persons the module explores how legal, fiscal and technical barriers have been removed in order to allow for free movement of goods and persons.  In Semester 2, students will also consider what the legal and regulatory consequences are for the UK’s departure from the Single Market and how the UK’s trading relationship with the EU and the rights of UK citizens to move freely within the EU have changed.

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