Mastering Medieval Sources / Latin (ab initio)

Module code: HS7022/ML7022

The range and scale of sources for studying the middle ages is vast, and few students have had the opportunity to tackle more than a few during their undergraduate degrees. This module gives you exposure to a wide range of genres of medieval primary sources and the key skills to understand them. It is ideal if you're thinking about doing an MA thesis or further research on a medieval topic but also stands alone as a coherent course.

Mastering Medieval Sources comprises a weekly seminar on sources, a weekly palaeography/documents class and a two-hour beginners Latin class; these provide you with the basic skills needed to assess medieval sources in their original manuscript context.

Mastering Medieval Sources is assessed by an extended essay and bibliography on a source genre, as well as an assessed palaeography and Latin exercise. No prior knowledge of Latin or palaeography is assumed, only a deep enthusiasm for finding out about the medieval past.

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