What Difference Did the War Make? British Society and the Great War, 1900-1939

Module code: HS3620

The Great War, later known as the First World War, is frequently seen as the first of a particular and new kind of conflict. The first industrialised ‘total’ war whose impact was felt on an unprecedented scale - and was global in scope. This module will look in detail at change in British society during the first four decades of the 20th century to address the question: ‘what difference did the war make?

You’ll consider the extent to which change during this period can be attributed to wartime events, either directly or indirectly, and examine areas of continuity that cross the conflict.  You’ll do this by examining the history of work, leisure, housing and health, citizenship and demography. Keeping these factors in mind, you’ll then consider the impact the war had on different social groups.

This module will have a particular focus on how the war affected Leicester, enabling you to gain experience in using primary sources held by University Special Collections. It will also make use of a wide range of sources, including those newly digitised as part of the centenary commemorations. Field trips to examine the built environment and war memorials will be an integral part of the module too.


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