A World Connected: Economy, Wellbeing and Sustainability since 1945

Module code: HS2329

Why was there a population explosion, and what could be done about it? Did global living standards become more or less equal? Did western countries ‘deindustrialise’? How and why did the role of government change?

This module introduces you to the global history of economies and societies since the Second World War. It tackles some of the most important questions facing the world in this period, and the United States is at the centre of the story. It was the global leader and also the benchmark against which all other countries measured their performance. You’ll be comparing themes such as population, migration, growth and welfare, the changing geography of global production; government and the mixed economy and energy and the environment.

You’ll become familiar with major datasets (most importantly the World Bank’s World Development Indicators) and have the opportunity to develop your quantitative skills and knowledge. A range of enlightening sources will be used including contemporary documents and videos. This module is an ideal preparation for those of you who want to work in government, public administration, education and many areas in the private sector.

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