Information Visualisation

Module code: GY7413

This module focuses on information visualisation as an effective approach to exploring, analysing, and communicating knowledge from data. Information visualisation methods are becoming increasingly relevant in academic writing, science communication, and data science. This module will introduce you to the theoretical principles that underpin the basic charts and maps that we see every day and explore how those same principles can be used to create complex and innovative visualisations capable of effectively presenting large amounts of data in a clear manner. The module will provide you with the design principles and skills necessary to create effective and novel visualizations of diverse data types. 

The lectures will cover the fundamental principles of visual perception, the grammar of graphics and visual variables, elements of cartography and map symbolisation. The practical sessions will focus on visualisation design practices and tools for creating effective visualisations and maps. 

Topics covered

  • Information visualisation theory and principles
  • Effective visualisation design and validation
  • Visualising amounts, proportions, distributions, associations
  • Thematic mapping
  • Animated and interactive visualisations
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