Geographical Information Science

Module code: GY2421

This module takes a combined theoretical and hands-on approach to the basics of GIScience, and seeks to unpack the subject using examples from both human and physical geography. The module will provide you with experience of data collection and representation practices, which you may find useful elsewhere in your undergraduate degree, and considers the digital representation of both quantitative and qualitative data.  

Throughout the module you'll be involved in input, interrogate and map data using a GIS, applying the theory of basic GIS operators and analytical approaches to a variety of geographical problems, and using a variety of ways to collect and represent digital spatially-referenced, qualitative or quantitative data.

Topics covered

  • Representation of spatial data
  • Visualisation of spatial data
  • Interpolation of spatial data
  • Spatial data analysis and modelling
  • Uncertainty
  • Field-based data collection
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