Advanced Field Course

Module code: GL4105

This is the culmination of your field studies. We visit a region of outstanding geological interest and explore its geological evolution. Recent trips have been to the Alps and to Sicily and the department varies the area from time to time. You will need to use all your existing field experience and research skills to get the most from this module.

You will start by researching the area to be visited, focussing on a particular topic or aspect of the geology, and contribute with your fellow students to the field guide which forms part of the assessment. You will be led in the field by the academic staff but will make your own observations and present them to the group in the field. In effect, you will be leading the group discussions for part of the trip and you will be assessed on this and your overall contribution to the discussions on the trip.

This format mirrors the trips the academic staff make to areas as researchers and it will prepare you for working independently, undertaking background research, synthesising information and presenting it in a clear and concise fashion to a group. Students find the format challenging and rewarding. You get to see some great geology and think how the local people can be influenced by the geology, the hazards it poses and the resources and benefits it provides.

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