Mineral Resources for Net-Zero Carbon 2

Module code: GL3110
Pre-requisites: GL2106

This module will build on what you have learned in your second year and extend your knowledge of world-class ore deposit types. In particular, this module will emphasise the importance of understanding ore deposit models when applying them to effective mineral exploration approaches.

New research is always being published in this subject area, so the module is closely tied to current discussions and new understandings in ore deposit geology, including a number of literature-based research activities. The sessions include lectures, practicals, student-led discussions, literature research exercises and group work.

Topics covered

  • Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE deposits
  • Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposits
  • Epithermal Au-Ag deposits
  • Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold deposits
  • Processes involved in ore formation in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
  • Tracing these processes using scientific techniques
  • Application of ore deposit models to exploration
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