Mineral Resources for Net-Zero Carbon 1

Module code: GL2106

In this module we will explore the mineral deposits that provide essential resources to support our technologically developed society. Mineral deposits are formed by magmatic, metamorphic, sedimentary, structural, and hydrothermal processes and so require a cross-disciplinary approach.

You will practice the skills used in professional employment, including the digital recording of your observations. You will develop your knowledge of a specific ore deposit through a team research project that will involve a written desk study and a video presentation of your results. Feedback on your progress will be provided throughout the module in the form of online tests, assessment of practical folders, and review of drafts of your desk study. There will also be drop-in sessions where you can discuss your team project with the module co-ordinator.

Topics covered

  • Identification of ore and gangue minerals
  • Ore deposit types
  • Use of ores and the economic and environmental implications of extraction
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