Introductory Field Course (Arran)

Module code: GL1106

Fieldwork forms a vital part of our geoscience degrees and can be one of the most stimulating and enjoyable experiences of your time here at Leicester, giving you the chance to put into practice the skills you have learnt in lectures and practicals. 

This introductory module will form the foundation of your future field experience. The Isle of Arran on the west coast of Scotland has more geological variety per square kilometre than virtually anywhere else in the world and, even if you have already visited on a previous field trip, there's plenty more to see! 

Topics covered

  • Identifying and interpreting a wide range of geological materials and structures in the field
  • Recording information in a field notebook
  • Constructing and interpreting a geological map and cross section
  • Sedimentary logging
  • Navigation using a map, compass, pacing and hand-held GPS system
  • Field safety and the Countryside Code

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