Gender and Power in Contemporary France

Module code: FR3208

This module focuses the complex changing position of women and men in contemporary France through the critical lens of gender and power. You will be introduced to a range of political, cultural and literary debates around gender issues, asking in particular how France has dealt with the volatile issues surrounding the representation of women in the public sphere. Our analyses will follow an intersectional approach, considering gender relations from the perspective of France’s strong social diversity. You will also reflect on the evolving activist and literary strategies women and specific groups have deployed over time to achieve greater representation and convey specific messages.


  • French feminism
  • Gender and education
  • Gender and employment
  • Gender and politics
  • State vs individuals
  • Dynamics of gender and power within the family
  • Masculinities
  • Gender and power in language and cultural production
  • Bodies and sexualities
  • Gender and violence
  • Gender and power in literature

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