Research Methods in Creative Writing

Module code: EN7040

On this module, which introduces the MA in Creative Writing, you'll explore some of the key aspects of research in relation to the subject. The module aims to lay the groundwork for the rest of the programme. You'll be introduced to key issues in the research and theory of the subject at an advanced level.

Research is a key aspect of writing at all levels: writing is a form of engagement with the world, and research helps you understand that world, and represent it more accurately in your writing.

The module will explore many different aspects of research in Creative Writing, including theories of Creative Writing research; archival research; historical research; place-based research; and Creative Writing's relationship with other subjects and art-forms. Though there is a strong theoretical side to the module, you'll be encouraged throughout to relate theory to practice: that is, you'll be writing throughout the module, exploring theories and ideas through creative practice.

Teaching methods may include workshops, seminars, mini-lectures, an external visit and individual tutorials.

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