On the Road Again: The Canterbury Tales After Chaucer

Module code: EN3197

Geoffrey Chaucer -the ‘Father of English poetry’ was one of the most influential writers of medieval English literature due to his careful manipulation of language and genre and dizzying mixture of different voices and strands of thought. This module will focus on the literary shift after the death of Chaucer and build on your knowledge of Chaucer and early modern literature from second year. The continuities and departures in English literary tradition, especially those that unite and divide the medieval and early modern periods will be emphasised and by engaging in these traditions you will consider concepts of inheritance, reception and authority during these times. Many authors have attempted to posthumously develop, complete or extend Chaucer’s work, we will discuss the reasons why particular authors chose to look back to Chaucer at the particular moment in which they were writing, and why they modified his work along the lines they did.

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