Using Stories

Module code: EN2070

This Creative Writing module aims to explore some of the ways in which writers can discover, recover and explore materials, ideas and narratives in the wider world, and use and reshape them into effective creative pieces. It encourages you to develop your creative writing research methods, and then to employ those methods in the construction of original writing, in multiple genres. In this way, it aims to enhance your research and writing skills. This module includes various strands, all of which concern the relationship between the workshop and materials, ideas and narratives in the wider world.

Topics covered

  • Using historical stories
  • Using place-based subject-matter
  • Using other art-forms
  • Using scientific concepts
  • Using libraries and museums

Genres covered

  • Fiction and historical fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Scriptwriting
  • Ekphrastic Poetry and Found Poetry
  • Site-specific writing
  • Speculative fiction
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