Introduction to Writing Creatively: Part 2

Module code: EN1035

This year-long, two-part module provides a practical introduction to a variety of creative writing practices. It will introduce you to the craft of writing creatively in a variety of genres: prose fiction, creative non-fiction (including autobiography, memoir and travel writing), poetry and writing for the screen. You will have the chance to produce creative material of your own throughout the year, which is critically discussed in a friendly workshop environment. The workshops also contain creative exercises and discussions of existing creative and theoretical literature. By practising across such a range of genres, you gain both greater confidence in your own writing skills, and a deeper understanding of the literature you will go on to study in coming years.

This module consists of a weekly one-hour lecture and a weekly one-hour seminar. Additionally, you will be offered talks and workshops by guest speakers, aimed at all creative writers from every year - these are inspirational, informative and help you feel you are part of the creative writing community here at Leicester. 

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