Engineering Design Case Study

Module code: EG7010

Engineering Design Case Study is an extremely diverse module, the main focus of which is to make you aware of your ethical and moral responsibilities as a professional engineer or scientist. The module content covers material similar to that which you will need to reflect upon later in your careers when applying for chartered status with a relevant professional body.

You will also be exposed to and expected to achieve a level of competency with a range of industry standard design tools or techniques.

Topics Covered

You will work in a small team to analyse the ethical and moral behaviour of individuals or institutions during a real-life event which led to, or could lead to conflict between stakeholders, design failure or breakdown. As part of the analysis, you will need to consider any economic, legal and environmental factors as well as the ethical and moral issues relevant to the event.

You will be expected to report on your analysis and offer solutions by means of a team report and presentation to both academic assessors and a small group of your peers.

You will use the Matlab programming environment to efficiently use a range of programming techniques and functions.

You will choose a more specialised design discipline to study which should link and be related to other aspects of your degree programme. The choices will include;

  • Computer Aided Design Techniques
  • Simulation of Real-time Systems or
  • Systems Engineering

Throughout your studies you will be expected to demonstrate academic integrity through the work you submit.

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