Group Project

Module code: EG4007

The project is your opportunity to undertake an advanced research or design project as part of a team. It provides you the opportunity to bring all of your skills and knowledge together to develop a feasible engineering solution to a substantial problem. 

You'll be meeting with your academic advisor regularly, and they'll be mentoring you rather than supervising your project. You will be driving the technical direction of the project while justifying your decisions and considering the commercial, ethical, environmental and social implications of your work. This is what Professional Engineers do throughout their working lives. 

Like the individual project completed earlier in the course, the range of projects are very varied; some are experimental, some involve computer modelling, sometimes academics will suggest projects based on their research interests and sometimes you will come up with your own project idea. We strongly encourage projects that have a real-life industrial application, and it is not uncommon for fourth year projects to be undertaken in partnership with industry.

In our experience the project is a fantastic thing to highlight at interviews for graduate jobs, since it is often the best indication a prospective employer has of how a student will tackle projects as a Professional Engineer.

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