Individual Project

Module code: EG3005

The individual project is your opportunity to undertake a substantial design, development or research project over the whole of your third year. This project marks an important transition to you becoming a Professional Engineer, as you will be managing and delivering the project yourself (with guidance and support provided by your supervisor through regular meetings).

The range of projects we offer are very varied; some are experimental, some involve computer modelling, sometimes academics will suggest projects based on their research interests and sometimes you'll come up with your own project idea. Those of you who have taken an industry year often bring project ideas back from your placement company.

This project offers you the chance to test your skills and knowledge, and will enable you to work with greater freedom and independence. In our experience the project is a fantastic thing to highlight at interviews for graduate jobs, since it is often the best indication a prospective employer has of how you'll tackle projects as a Professional Engineer. 

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