Migration, Superdiversity and Language

Module code: ED7717

This module will build your knowledge of the key theoretical notions and concepts in the field of migration, superdiversity and language. You will also learn the role of language in migration and superdiversity contexts focusing on topics such as home languages and social cohesion, language as a gate-keeper, language and citizenship, multilingualism and the fluid use of languages. 

Topics covered

  • Introduction to theories of migration, superdiversity and language
  • Home languages, integration and social justice (Linguistic subordination in superdiverse communities)
  • New media discourses around migration (discourse analysis of new media)
  • The refugee journey and its linguistic challenges (citizenship, asylum and language testing)
  • Transnational networks and globalisation (multicultural identities and migrant family language policy)
  • Language education in refugee settings (pedagogy, charities, UNCHR policies)
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