Intercultural Communication

Module code: ED7520

In today’s world of globalisation, multicultural contact and interaction, effective intercultural communication is increasingly important for social harmony. While a range of disciplines can offer insights into the issues that arise in this context, the field of Applied Linguistics and language education is particularly well placed to analyse the real-life problems and challenges of communication across and within cultures. This module aims both to examine theoretical perspectives on intercultural communication and to explore how teachers can be more effective in developing in themselves and in their learners a critical approach to intercultural communicative competence.

Topics covered

  • Perceptions of culture, language and identity
  • Approaches to analysing intercultural communication 
  • Culture and interaction 
  • Communication in international professional, institutional and organisational contexts
  • Intercultural competence and the language classroom 
  • Intercultural communication and literature 
  • Critical cultural awareness
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