Mental Health and Well-Being

Module code: ED7429

In this module you will explore a range of concepts related to mental health and well-being from different perspectives and critical viewpoints. You will develop your own understanding of the role of educators in the promotion of mental health, prevention and reduction of mental ill health conditions. In so doing, you will consider how your own perspective of mental health and well-being relates to current national and international policies and practice, as well as the potential challenges and barriers to implementation. For the assessed element of the module, you will write a report on a small-scale study that you will conduct in your own practice, accompanied by a reflective assignment, in which you will critically explore your perspective on a key concept relating to mental health in education.

This module will appeal to those with an interest in mental health and well-being and those with responsibility for the duty of care of children, young people and/or adults in a variety of educational contexts.

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