Organised Crime

Module code: CR2024

The term ‘organised crime’ is widely used in the media, within policy circles and academia. It is often used to denote a particular form of criminal organisation, with its representation in films such as Goodfella’s and Pulp Fiction presenting organised criminals as ‘hardmen’ or ‘mobsters’, ready to execute competitors or those showing ‘disrespect’ with impunity.

Studying this module will give you an overview of the many different forms of criminal organisation, how organised crime is defined, key theoretical positions and how various national and international agencies have responded to the issue. You’ll have the opportunity to identify and critique various definitions of organised crime, and gain an understanding of how organised crime has become embedded across differing social and geographical contexts.

In seminars you’ll explore the various theoretical approaches that attempt to explain how organised crime groups develop and continue to operate at a local and global level. Finally, you'll investigate and critique national, European and international policy responses to organised crime.

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