Data as Culture

Module code: CO7442

Data science, like art and traditional sciences, offers a lens through which we can understand our world. It's a reciprocal process: data fuels new insights, while artistic techniques can illuminate the stories hidden within our data.

This module invites you to explore this fascinating interplay. You'll learn to apply your understanding of culture, art, and science to gain fresh perspectives on datasets. We'll focus on solving problems that lie at the intersection of culture and data analysis, using the power of digital arts. You'll develop the ability to create computational representations of cultural, artistic, and scientific data.

Critiquing case studies will deepen your understanding of how data analysis is applied within cultural contexts. Importantly, you'll master the art of communicating scientific insights to diverse audiences through compelling data visualisation and digital art techniques.

Inspired by examples of data's role in culture, art, and science, you'll design and create your own digital artefacts that communicate cultural and scientific information in a powerful way.

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