Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Module code: CO4224

We are living in the era of ubiquitous computing in which the use of mobile and social technologies is becoming more and more pervasive and intertwined into people’s everyday life, settings as well as leisure activities and private situations. Thus, understanding how to implement mobile and ubiquitous technology is important, to be able to design technology that can support different user’s needs and activities.

This module will introduce you to the fundamental concepts for ubiquitous computing, its history and evolution, as well as the challenges and opportunities for creating and evaluating mobile and ubiquitous computing systems.

Topics covered

  • Ubiquitous computing fundamentals and history
  • Ubiquitous computing systems and sensors
  • User Interfaces for ubiquitous computing
  • Implementing mobile and ubiquitous computing systems
  • Ethnography in ubiquitous computing and field studies
  • Reflecting on ubiquitous computing systems
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