AI Technologies

Module code: CO3108

The aim of this module is to provide a technical introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. This focuses on the computational aspects of AI, by providing a practical introduction to the subject through a series of plug-and-play mini-projects, supported by theoretical lectures and seminars. Each topic addresses an elementary level, but still aiming to achieve concrete skills by studying and implementing practical algorithms.

Topics covered

  • the history and philosophy of AI (briefly)
  • problem solving using graphs
  • games (minimax algorithm, alpha-beta pruning, heuristic evaluation)
  • logic in AI (briefly)
  • knowledge representation and belief updating using probability (Bayes theorem, tree and graph traversal and search algorithms )
  • expert systems
  • supervised machine learning (nearest neighbour classifier, naive Bayes)
  • neural networks (kinds of neural network, perceptron algorithm)
  • natural language processing (sentence parsing, word disambiguation)
  • visioning
  • agents and robotics (sensors, actuators, challenges in operating in the real world)
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