Computational Creativity

Module code: CO3104 (double module)

This module focuses on machines that create, more than machines that help humans to create. Computational Creativity uses software systems to generate outputs that would normally be considered novel and creative by human beings. Cognitive science, philosophy and psychology all play a part in informing the design of such systems. Typical outputs may be literary, musical or visual. They normally do not follow the problem-solving imperatives of classic AI, but adopt a more open and exploratory approach.

Topics covered

  • Generative intelligent systems for creativity
  • Data mining and machine learning for creativity
  • Computational creativity software in literature, music, the visual arts and design
  • Evaluation of computational creativity systems
  • Philosophical issues concerning creativity in computers
  • Overview of recent research in computational creativity
  • Practical experience in writing creative software
  • Students will learn advanced Python and write software for computational creativity.
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