Data Analytics

Module code: CO2106

The extraction and analysis of raw data for the purpose of drawing conclusions is increasingly being aided by the use of technology. Using data analytics correctly can allow for better decision making and help improve the efficiency and productivity of a business.

In this module, you will:

  • Explain and critique case studies such as those of Google, Facebook, Kaggle and similar
  • Solve simple problems using basic tools such as linux command line, and Python and Perl
  • Solve problems involving realistic database data, such as errors, missing values, and consistency. Explain the relational model and use the SQL language
  • Explain, discuss and solve problems in a range of areas such as matrices for relations between data, clustering, and graphs
  • Explain and solve problems using datastructures to scale analytics to big data and data streams. Sketch and design datastructures for complex data analysis 
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