Digital Arts Lab

Module code: CO1110

The module has four components: digital arts practice; seminar series; tutorial programme; guided independent study. You will work on digital arts projects, either individually or in groups, that provides experience in a real-world context. The lectures and seminars complement the digital arts practice by introducing key concepts and addressing the creative process as a whole.

The work of some leading digital artists will be explored and critiqued. There will also be a critical examination of the aesthetics of digital art. Personal tutorials will take place weekly in small assigned groups of up to five students. There will be 16 tutorial meetings during the year. The primary focus will be developing the academic skills required to successfully undertake the degree course as a whole. This will be particularly challenging in a course that crosses disciplinary boundaries.

Tutorials will also provide pastoral care and personal support based on need. Guided Independent Study will encourage further research into digital arts by requiring students to investigate and informally report upon at least two selected case studies. This will normally include visits to current exhibitions, installations, concerts or online works, and consideration of selected films, games and multimedia broadcasts.

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