Mathematics Fundamentals

Module code: CO1103

The main purpose of this course is to teach the basic concepts from discrete mathematics that are needed in the study of computer science. While the main purpose is to learn the necessary mathematics, the course is taught from a computer science viewpoint throughout. There will be each week a tutorial class (for going through the assessed work) and a tutorial session (to enable students to attempt questions and overcome any difficulties they are having with the material).

In this module, you will:

  • Translate basic logical propositions to and from English, discuss basic logic and solve very simple problems and describe the relevance to Computer Science
  • Explain basic set notation and solve simple problems concerning sets, solve simple problems on set-theoretic functions, including problems concerning partiality and composition
  • Define relations and graphs, specify the matrix representation of a graph or a relation, and perform basic operations on matrices
  • Solve problems involving exponentials, logarithms, factorials, combinatorics, order notation
  • Recall and explain basic statistics for Computer Science
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