Computing Fundamentals

Module code: CO1101

This module provides an introduction to a range of fundamental topics in Computing. You will learn technical material that is useful in its own right and also underpins further study, plus a range of applied topics that help you transition to University and complete your degree.

A special feature of this module is that you will have weekly group meetings with your Personal Tutor, who can provide guidance about both this module and your other University activities.

In this module, you will:

  • Discuss detailed overviews of operating systems; computer architecture; software engineering; databases; the internet and WWW (in Linux and Windows) and mobile computing
  • Explain files, directories, memory, the command line and fundamental structures
  • Write scripts and useful but simple command line programs
  • Operate and critique basic tools such as editors, search engines and similar technologies
  • Explain the basics of computer and internet security
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