Advanced Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Module code: CH7311 

Medicinal chemistry is a field of chemistry which discovers and develops new therapeutic agents which help in the fight against disease and illness. This module will introduce you to key concepts and theories within medicinal chemistry and will set you up perfectly for a career in drug research and development.

You'll investigate the key chemical and biological processes involved in the development of several major diseases, and the different modes of action of various known therapeutic drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics, antivirals and anticancer agents.

You'll explore in depth the concepts of drug targets, the various stages of the drug discovery process - from hit identification, all the way through to drug approval and formulation for market. In addition to understanding the medicinal chemistry involved, you'll also consider the organic chemistry involved in the synthesis of commercially available drugs, enabling you to cover all aspects of the job profile of a medicinal chemist.

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