BSc Project Practical

Module code: CH3261

You are now coming to the end of your BSc studies here at Leicester, and your practical chemistry skills will have developed immensely. The BSc Project Practical will enable you to put your hard work into practice.

In it, you'll undertake a full-scale research-based project working as part of a group or team.

To be successful, you'll need to consider the practical tasks you'll be doing and how appropriate they are to your project. You'll also need to plan and carry out practical work to make sure you're generating reliable data. Ensuring safety will be critical and you must prepare risk assessments when necessary. Once you've completed a practical, you'll analyse the data generated, reflecting on the results to plan and execute further investigations. If any problems crop up, you will need to make judgements on the short- and long-term direction of your research. Your project will need to run efficiently, and your data and lab/work records will need to be up to a professional standard.

The ability to manage and undertake a large-scale project as part of a team, conduct effective research, record and analyse data to a high standard, ensure safety and manage your time effectively will be invaluable as you either begin your professional career or continue on to further study.

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