Steered Research Project

Module code: BS3401

This module is a degree-stream specific, practical laboratory/bioinformatics/field research project and report write-up undertaken alongside a small group of fellow students.  Under the training and guidance of an experienced laboratory-based research scientist and in conjunction with appropriate background reading, you will learn field, laboratory and/or bioinformatics techniques relevant to your own project. This module helps you to demonstrate an understanding of the progress and direction of the project, and become more independent. Depending on the nature of the project, individual results data may be pooled with that of the group to enable a more in-depth critical analysis of findings within the wider context of the research area being investigated.

Skills gained during this module:

  • The ability to conduct appropriate field, experimental and/or bioinformatics procedures, showing good field, laboratory and/or bioinformatics practice
  • Keeping an appropriate record of work in the form of a lab, field or bioinformatics notebook and to be able to appropriately handle and present experimental and/or bioinformatics data
  • The ability to locate appropriate literature sources, interpret their findings in relation both to other work in the subject area and in relation to the project findings in the form of a written report
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