Respiratory and Cancer Precision Medicine

Module code: BS3083

The second precision medicine module will continue the consideration of current cutting-edge topics in the clinical sciences arena:

Respiratory Precision Medicine

This part of the module will include:

  • The molecular and cellular basis of respiratory disease
  • Respiratory infections, considering the molecular and cellular basis of the infection and the host response to the infection
  • Emerging treatments of respiratory diseases
  • Impact of genetic and environmental factors on respiratory disease
  • Evaluation current research in the field
  • Consideration of safe working practices in the3 study of respiratory illness

Cancer Precision Medicine

Here you will:

  • Discover the hallmarks of cancer and the role these have in the development and progression of cancer.
  • Learn about mechanisms of tumorigenesis and potential drug targets, with emphasis on cancer therapeutics.
  • Discover how molecular profiling can illustrate cellular transformation through the cancer journey.
  • Examine how evidence-based medicine and state-of-the-art technologies can impact on medical oncology through clinical trials.
  • Critically appraise cancer research literature.
  • Organise and analyse laboratory and clinical data.
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