Cardiovascular and Renal Precision Medicine

Module code: BS3082

Taken in Year 3, this is one of the cutting edges ‘precision medicine’ modules covering topics, concepts and principles that are truly at the advancing edge of current medical and clinical sciences. The topics covered represent those of significant clinical and research interest and directly relate to active areas of research within the University. The two areas covered in this module are:

Cardiovascular Precision Medicine

In this part of the module you will consider cutting edge aspect of cardiovascular medicine. You will:

  • Learn about current knowledge on key cardiovascular diseases and processes.
  • Discover how individual’s genetics, lifestyle, and exposures contribute to the complex determinants of cardiovascular health and disease.
  • Learn about methodologies underlying how precision medicine approaches combine standard clinical imaging and health record data with advanced “panomics” for deep phenotyping of specific cardiovascular disease processes.
  • Discover the use and significance of genetic testing, including screening of relatives, in a range of cardiovascular diseases and analyse how genetic testing, and other precision medicine approaches, can be used to direct more precise and/or targeted cardiovascular interventions.

Renal Precision Medicine

Here you will consider the modern concepts surrounding advancements in renal medicine. You will discover causes and mechanisms of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease including pathobiological intervention targets of kidney disease.

You will then define precision medicine approaches to kidney disease in several contexts including:

  • Disease subgroups
  • Disease hotspots in renal tissues
  • Disease-critical cell types & how they change in disease
  • Discovery of unappreciated and new therapeutic targets
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