Cellular Physiology of the Cardiovascular System

Module code: BS3056

This module is concerned with physiological processes that occur at the cellular level in the cardiovascular system. We will consider how these processes lead to the regulation of the heartbeat and blood vessel function in health and in some disease states. Many cellular and molecular processes are common between the cardiovascular and nervous systems and the emphasis in this module will be on understanding the physiological mechanisms of regulating the cardiovascular system. Therefore this module will integrate well with either or both of the first semester courses BS3054 and BS3055.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to regulatory and cellular aspects of the cardiovascular system
  • Control and autonomic regulation of the heart
  • Regulation of Ca2+ and contraction in the heart
  • The physiology of blood cells
  • The microcirculation
  • Vasoconstrictor and vasodilator mechanisms
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